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Time ago, I was in a party with some friends. I told one of them about one of my apps that I had hosted at the time, nothing really big or fancy, but something I wanted to show him.

At that moment I asked him to get his phone and type out the IP and port where I had it on my VPS, and then, I realised that it was awfully inconvenient to host my apps that way. That’s a turning point when I decided to actually host all my apps in subdomains like I do right now. But even then, once again, it was somehow inconvenient to just give someone a long URL to type. That’s where this project came in mind.

I found that this domain name was untaken and it really fitted my idea.

Something you can type quick to led you somewhere else.

And so I decided to invest into finding out how URL shorteners worked and how to host a proper database for it. Ended up quite nicely and it’s something I use frequently.

It’s made with Express attached to a MongoDB and Vue as a fronted. It will probably be remade not long from now since it need to be improved. I will change this when it’s done.